Hanjia Design Group Co., Ltd

Date:2015-10-14 11:51

Hanjia Design Group Co., Ltd (The predecessor is Zhejiang Urban Construction Design Group Co., Ltd) was established in the early 1990s, and officially changed into joint-stock company in 2007, with the registered capital of 157,800,000 Yuan. There are over 1,400 employees, with professional technicians account for over 95% of the total employees, among which, semi-senior and senior technicians account for over 70%, doctors and masters are more than 200, and there are over 200 Class-1 Registered Architects (PRC), Class-1 Registered Structure Engineers (PRC), Registered Facilities Engineers (PRC), as well as Registered Electrical Engineers (PRC), Registered Civil Engineers (PRC) and Registered Cost Engineers (PRC).

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